What a start to the month! I had to lower all antennas here, as we were expecting a big storm to pass through, and it certainly did! I was pleased I had lowered the antennas, as winds hit almost 90MPH in the early hours of the 1st. Thankfully, it had passed through by daylight.

The month had a distinctly “west coast of NA” feel to it, with many CA, OR, WA, UT etc stations coming in very strongly, whilst east coast stations struggled. The 4th and 5th on 12m were great to JA, with loads worked.

Some of the notable DX worked this month were: YJ0TT (12m), TJ9MD (10m), 7O8AD (15/12/10m), 7O73T (30m), VK9XY (20m), ZL7A (17m), PR0T (12 & 17m), 4W8X (30m RTTY and 40m FT8), 9L5M (10/15/12m), GS2MP (Shetland, 30m), H44WA (17/12m), and many of those were new slots, or ATNO’s.