I have been watching out for T31TT on FT8, as it would be a new one for me, but I just wasn’t hearing them.

Then, on the 7th June, I actually decoded them on 15m FT4. Called many times, but then the signal went from -07 down to -24, then nothing more. However, I did manage to work Atsuo 5W1SA on 12m FT8 for a new slot, so not all was lost.

On the 8th June, I was due to fly off for a long weekend away, but then saw some spots for them on 17m FT8…  And, I could actually decode them. I tried calling, and finally got them in the log about 10 minutes before I had to leave for the airport! Then it was a bit of a rush to close everything down before leaving. It made my weekend so much happier.And then I saw that they were going QRT early doe to a medical issue Phew! Just in time.

I have also filled in two new slots with VU7W, but those will be for the next LoTW submission. Update as of 18th June – managed to work him on 12m for the last slot I needed!

6m has also been fun, with many new grids worked, and a new DXCC too! I managed to work Frank 3A2MW on FT8, and also Mohammed A92EE, both now confirmed on LoTW.

And, as T31TT is now showing on LoTW, I will now submit an application for all the new slots on LoTW – all 53 of them! That was done on Thursday 15th June at 1300UTC, and this morning (16th), it has been verified! That takes me to 307 entities worked on digital modes.

A few hours after submitting my application, I was called by Rashed A61R on 6m, which is a new DXCC for me on 6m. That is now one for the next application on LoTW, along with VU7W on 20/17/12m, although I am still waiting for LoTW confirmation, as I have only just done the OQRS on Clublog.

So far this year, I have made just over 5100 QSO’s – all digital (RTTY, FT8 & FT4) 👍👌

I also participate in the CQ Marathon each year, so look for CQ Zones that I need, and any DXCC that will count. I do not work stations on the same band/mode just to get another entity, so one has to be patient and see if you can find them on another band. As of 21st June 2023, I had 199 DXCC and all 40 Zones, which – as yet – is my best ever tally. On Thursday morning (22nd June), I managed to work 3B8HK on 15m FT8, which now takes me to 200 entities worked so far this year.

At the end of June, I have made 5437 QSO’s and got all 40 CQ Zones and 202 DXCC. Not a bad tally overall!