So far this month, there has been no new slots, but some odd propagation, thanks to solar conditions. Some very skewed paths, and odd openings, especially on 30m and 10/12m. I wouldn’t normally expect to hear UK stations on the higher bands, but have worked a good number. On 30m, whilst working mostly EU, I had unexpected calls from VK, JA and NA, including west coast.

On the night of 12/113th I had a bad nights’ sleep, and got up at 6am, and on 30m, I heard J88CU coming in loud. Gave him a call, and completed the QSO for a new slot. I worked some EU, but then got called by a few NA stations, and then it opened to JA, so had a long session of working many. I had seen Eric FK8HM calling me, but he was in and out, so it was back to the JA pile-up, but Eric called again, and we completed. Both he and J88CU were confirmed on LoTW as soon as I had uploaded my log to LoTW, and two new slots in the bag!

On the 15th, I was on 30m mid-afternoon, and whilst working mostly EU stations, I was called by 4E1FKB, so I am now waiting for him to confirm on LoTW for another new slot.