Had a play in the WPX RTTY contest at the weekend (11/12th Feb 2023), although it was only a part time effort.
As I had things to do on Saturday morning, I though I would operate in the “Classic” 24hr category, and fired up the rig around midday.
To my surprise, 10m was buzzing, so I ended up doing a SB LP entry on 10m.

I managed to get just over 6 hours operating on Saturday before the band closed, but bagged a few nice DX calls, including KH6ZM at 1806UTC, which did surprise me, as he was loud here.
Sunday started with a few JA’s and BY’s in the log, and a good few EU stations, including GM.
Both afternoons saw a good opening into west coast USA, who were generally stronger than the east coast stations.

Here are a few of the choice DX worked….
C5YK, 9N7AA, D4L, FY5KE, PJ2T, TI2OY, V26OC, V55Y, V31MA, KH6ZM, P49X, VU2IBI & VU2DED, plus JA, BY, VE6, PY, LU, XE, KP4, CX, and US States AZ, WA, UT, OR, CA, WY, CO, NV, SD and many others.

I ended up with 313 QSO’s, 253 Prefixes and 207966 points.

Not a bad effort for some 15 hours of lazy S&P’ing I thought….